Ideas and Tips for Your Kitchen

Chefs all over Malaysia now have an opportunity to join a platform where they can compare notes and find tips on techniques or recipes at RATIONAL- AK SUCCESS Chef’s Club.
As a Club member, you’ll find out immediately about any new developments in the Culinary Professional World.

We at AK SUCCESS would be organizing events and sharing Tips and Ideas on new Food Trends. You can also download Software Updates through the Club at no charge, so you’ll always be abreast of the Latest Technology.

Weekly Cooking Demonstrations

Chefs will be invited to a Weekly Cooking Demonstrations organized by our in-house chef to show them the finer points of using RATIONAL

Networking and Synergy

We promote a Healthy Collaboration between Chefs to enchance the Usage of RATIONAL products to exchange ideas on Recipes and Tips

There will be Organized Trips to visit Chef Clubs in other countries to learn new cuisine using RATIONAL

Chef Club Cooking Competition

We organize Cooking Competition for Chefs to promote the use of RATIONAL in order to create new and awesome dishes.

Chef's Table

Montly Dine-In together will be entitled to a 50% discount on their bill for chefs at a F & B outlet that uses RATIONAL Diners.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiative

Through AK SUCCESS, the club will reach out to Nursing Homes & Orphanages to showcase the use of RATIONAL Combi- Ovens to prepare ready to eat meals

Culinary School Program

AKS will promote the use of Rational Combi Oven to Culinary Schools in Malaysia. Selected Club’s members will be hired periodically to give Cooking Demonstration using the Rational Combi Oven and Present a Testimony.

Birthday Celebration

Club’s members will get a Greeting Card and a Birthday Cake on their BIG DAY.

Rational Combi Oven