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Take Advantage of the Benefits AK Success offer you:

  • Operational Reliability
  • Reasonable Maintenance Costs
  • Extended Unit Service Life
  • Protection for your Investment

Repair and Maintenance

Your Accredited RATIONAL expert

We constantly strive to provide you with the best Technical Support for all your RATIONAL Products with the Best Prices

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Planned Preventive Maintenance

By putting a Planned Preventive Maintenance Service Package in place you are looking after the most important piece of equipment in your kitchen so that it looks after you when you need it most. Time and time again we have seen that regular sevicing will greatly reduce expensive breakdowns and keep your oven running for years to come, not to mention the cost savings from machines operating at normal capacity.

Warranty Service Packages

Terms and Conditions Apply
Services Basic Plus
Inspections 4 Times Per Year. 78 Point Check for each Visit to ensure ll asystems are functioning to factory specification
Exhaust gas measurements (for gas appliances)
Electrical / Gas Safety Checks
Change of Door Gasket (Once a Year) -
24 Hour Response Time -
Training Support for New Chefs -

Corrective Maintenance

All Work Guaranteed

  • 24 Hour Breakdown Service (depends on area)
  • Reliable Service
  • Servicing All Rational Products
  • Trusted Professionals

We have many clients who require Urgent Commercial Repairs or Breakdowns. They are the backbone of day to day operations in many food service businesses. In the event of failure it can be catastrophic for those businesses.
AK SUCCESS have Highly Skilled Techncians to help service an increased demand for the commercial service requests. That's why we can offer urgent repair services and an affordable price with quick resposnse times.

RATIONAL Cleaning Tabs for all Self Cooking Center models.

Developed by RATIONAL, these cleaning tabs contain a new intensive complex of active ingredients to guarantee maximum cleaning power every time. They are ultra-concentrated and thus particularly high-yield.

RATIONAL Care Tabs for Self Cooking Center Models with Efficient Care Control.

Highly effective cleaning and care agents provide active protection and significantly extend the service life of your Self Cooking Center. Special limescale-dissolving ingredients prevent limescale from building up in the first place. Guarantees maximum operating reliability at all times, with no water softeners or time-consuming descaling.

We train all of our Technician rigorously. This includes inspecting their measuring equipment, ensuring that they have a proper supply of spare parts, and providing in-depth training to all service staff.

Testing our units properly requires special measurement technology. We are equipped with the appropriate test equipment which is also subject to regular inspections.

We only use original RATIONAL parts to service our appliances and always have a sufficient quantity of these parts on hand.

Our broad network ensures that you'll always have service when you need it. Just call us, and we'll get you the help you need in no time.

Our most recent sofware updates are always available free of of charge. That way, you'll benefit from our cooking research specialists' latest findings and your Self Cooking Center will always be on the cutting edge of technology.