We Train Chefs

Would you like a consultancy service that takes into account the special features of your kitchen? Consultation where you can sense that it’s about finding real solutions, not about closing the deal quickly? Then you'll feel right at home with AK SUCCESS. We will work closely with you to develop the exact solution that is best tailored to your needs.

On-Site Training

- We demonstrate to your kitchen team in your own kitchen how our appliances works and how they can best be used to suit your specific requirements
- Motivate your employees; impress your customers

Learn how you can improve your processes and save time with a few tricks or with the right accessories

Comfort. Safety. Inspiration.
Connected to your kitchen.


Cooking Tips

Benefit from over 40 years of RATIONAL cooking experience and use the unimaginated possibilities of the Self Cooking Center . We have tested a lot of recipes and adapted them to our appliances. Contact us to request Cookbooks and Recipes from our Club. Also collect your personal favorites, share them with colleagues or post recipes of your own


We have many downloadable cookbooks which is available to anyone for creative ideas around a particular theme. Collect and arrange your favorite recipes by category, ingredients, seasons or occassions, and create your own personal reference book

Video Library

We at AK Success would be posting videos with new applications and products. Experience how easy it is to operate and how unbelievably simple it is to prepare all kinds of products. All in high quality sound and image.

Software Updates

Contact us to find out on how to download software updates and join in benefiting from the latest findings of our cooking research. This will make sure your Self Cooking Center is always up to date with the latest technology

Chef Line

We offer a telephone consulting service to answer any questions you have about applications or recipes. Call us for quick, straightforward advice from one chef to another, 365 days a year. 

+6012 206 0159
+6012 699 4170
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