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AK SUCCESS RATIONAL Cooking Live Our Demo Cooking Kitchen

Subang Jaya, Selangor

Different from the

AK SUCCESS Demo Kitchen is a concept kitchen where chefs shares their culinary adventures of exploring old and new recipes from all around the world. Our compilation of cuisine knowledge and original recipes from various parts of the world, along with skillful cooking techniques have created a variety of mouthwatering fusion cuisines


It senses the current cooking cabinet conditions and the consistency of the food

It recognizes the size, load quantity and product condition as well as calculates the browning

Thinks ahead and determines the ideal cooking path to your desired result while cooking

It learns your preferred cooking habits and then implements them

It communicates within you and shows you how it is implementing your specifications

Benefits for you at a glance:

Steam, convection & combination

Select product, load - done! iCookingControl prepares your foods exactly to your standard. It does not even matter who is operating the appliance. iCookingControl detects product status and size, as well as load quantity. It thinks ahead, constantly reprogrammes and automatically adapts the cooking ideal path for desirable result.

Highly sensitive sensors detect and recognize the current conditions in the cooking cabinet every second. HiDensity Control adapts the energy level precisely to the food requirements, evenly and efficiently distributes the heat throughout the cooking cabinet. The result is healthy, high quality on every single rack with minimal consumption of resources.

iLevelControl is the function that prepares different types of food at the same time. iLevelControl displays which foods can be cooked together on the display. Thus increasing productivity and saving time, money, space and energy. Depending on the load size, quantity and duration of door openings, it adjusts the cooking time to the relevant foods in the best possible way. This ensures that nothing gets overcooked and your results remain at a consistency high level.

Efficient CareControl is the unique automatic cleaning system that detects dirts and limescale, and removes them easily. The function adapts to your needs and recommends the prefect cleaning programme to you at specific times. The result: sparkling, hygienic cleaniness, you save time, preserve the environment and protect your wallet.

With Rational Your Favorite Restaurants are now on the Road!

One Stop Solution for Food Trucks

At AK SUCCESS, we also supply Food Trucks in with RATIONAL and with other required equipment for a Mobile Restaurant.
All You Need is a Menu and You are Ready for Business!


All comsumers have the right to expect and demand safe, good quality food.
Rational Combi Ovens have adequate temperature control mechanisms to ensure that your food output meet the strictest standards.
Food Quality
HACCP cert
Kitchens that are HACCP compliant are further assured that RATIONAL has a feature that logs your usage data and keeps it for 10 days. Just download using a USB stick and you have your cooking history for review anytime. Talk to our Technical Consultants about your HACCP requirements.