What is a RATIONAL Combi Oven

by Jonathan Andrus



What is a RATIONAL Combi Oven & what does it do?


A RATIONAL combi oven is a 3-in-1 oven that is able to carry out 3 different methods of cooking.


1) Steam Mode from 30°C to 130°C

The high performance fresh steam generator with new steam control always produces hygienic fresh steam. You can cook without adding water and without waiting for the water to boil. The constant cooking cabinet temperature and the maximum steam saturation guarantee a uniform and very gentle cooking process, and thus best food quality. Appetising colors, bite and retained nutrients and vitamins are guaranteed, particularly for vegetables. 


2) Combination Mode from 30°C to 300°C

Combination mode marries all the benefits of the hot steam, such as short cooking time, minimal cooking losses, succulence, with the advantages of convection, which is responsible for creating intense aroma, appetising color and crispy crusts. In this way, you will avoid up to 50% of the normal cooking losses, without turning the food and with considerably shorter cooking times.


3) Convection Mode from 30°C to 130°C

The hot air circulated at high speed flows around the food from all sides. The meat protein sets immediately, so it remains wonderfully succulent on the inside. Constant hot air at up to 300°C is not simply a technical detail; the necessary power is there even for full loads. This is the only way to get succulently browned pan-fried dishes, frozen convenience such as calamari, croquetts, spring rolls and chicken wings or light baked goods.



Steam Cooking comes with a boiler tank, ideally good for:

1) Steam Rice

2) Steamed Vegetables

3) Steamed Fish

4) Steamed Prawns

5) Steamed Putu Mayam

6) Steamed Meat

7) Steamed Chicken 

8) Steamed Desserts

9) Steamed Seafoods

10) Hard Boiled Eggs

11) Steaming Buns & Pau


Steam with Dry Hot Air Cooking, ideally is good for:

1) Curry

2) Acar

3) Tofu

4) Meat 

5) Chicken

6) Seafood

7) Stew or Braising Dishes

8) Breads


Bake cooking is ideal for:

1) Oven Frying

2) Pizza

3) Cookies

4) French Fries w/o Oil

5) Meat

6) Chicken

7) Seafood


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