Frozen Dessert

Andy's Super Premium Ice Cream Scoop
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Nestle Scoop Ice Cream
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Andy's Super Premium Fried Ice Cream
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Andy's Super Premium Ice Cream Cakes
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Andy's Super Premium Ice Cream 136ml Cup

Nestle Impulse
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Andy's Ice Cream Cup Cakes
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Dhani's Coconut Ice Cream

Dhani's Ice Cream Cake
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Dhani's Ice Cream Cup Cake
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Nestle Yogurt

American Potatoes (JR SIMPLOT)

Andy's Premium Brownies
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String Hoppers/Putu Mayam
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Lava Cake

Fuji Apple with Waffle
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Charcoal Bread
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Dhani's Scoop Ice Cream

Dhani's Milkshakes

Dhani's Love Boat

Dhani's Roti Bakar

Andy's Cheeseball
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Ready To Eat Meals

Nasi Briyani with Beef Pirattal & Acar Rampai

Nasi Minyak wih Ayam Masak Merah & Acar Rampai

Nasi Kunyit Serai with Ayam Percik and Brocolli with Carrot

Nasi Putih with Daging Salai Masak Lemak and Sayur Buncis

Frozen Idli

Frozen Chapati

Roti Putar

Roti Jala


Non Vegetarian Cakes

Vegetarian Fruit Cake

Fruit Tart

Banana Cake

Pandan Cake

Calzone Butter Chicken

Calzone Chicken Rendang

Calzone Spinach

Calzone Vegetable

Calzone Vege Tomyam

Orange Loaf Cake

Banana & Dark Chocolate Grain

Chocolate Chips Cookies

Lemon Yogurt Loaf Cake

Orange Velvet Cake

Banana Loaf Cake

Coconut Lime Cake

Banana Muffin

Red Velvet Cake

Walnut Loaf Cake


Plain Scone

Blueberry Muffin

M&M Cookies

Cinnamon Muffin

Sticky Date Pudding

Caramelized Orange

Muesli Oat Cookies

Lemon Muffin

Chocolate Chips Muffin


Carrot Cake

Vanilla Cup Cake

Green Velvet Cake

Carrot Walnut Muffin


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Four Hot Dishes Combination
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Ice Cream Toppings & Accessories
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Ice Cream Cup Cake (Cup Remover)
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Table Top Mini Standee

Dummy Waiter

Aluminium Foil
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Zeroll Scoop

Semi Commercial Home Products

Semi Commercial Home Convenience Products
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Puttumayam Machine

Food Saver

Air Fryer

Cake and Candle For Occasions

Cooler Bag

Dry Ice

Match Box

8 Pieces of Paper Plates/ Spoon/ Serviette


Greeting Card

High Quality Plastic Knife

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