About Us

AK Success Sdn Bhd started a revolution in food service in August 1997. From humble beginnings , AK Success Sdn Bhd with its dynamic and result orientated marketing team, promoted and stayed focus on Premium Ice Creams and frozen products.

Servicing the Hotels, Cafe's, Restaurants, Catering, Airlines, Sea Cruise, supermarket and etc. We remain loyal to distribute only HALAL Certified products.

In today's competitive food industry, keeping your customers happy while increasing profit margins is an on going challenge. AK Success Sdn Bhd has concentrated its effort on trading and promotions of its frozen,chill and dry products.

At AK Success we are proud to be associated with exciting brands like Super Premium Ice Cream such as Buds Ice Cream of San Francisco, Andy’s Ice Cream of San Francisco, JR Simplot Potatoes (USA).Andy’s California style Brownies & Butter Cup Cakes, Tartshells, Nestle Ice Cream & Yogurt and etc. In AK Success we are glad to back you up with our expertise, products and experience. Due to this, we have managed to build a loyal and diverse range of customers for along the Malaysian border and beyond.

Our Objective

Developing a generalized approach to provide maximum satisfaction to our customers and to the end consumers.
To have new ideas and concepts while acting as a catalyst between the manufacturer, food service outlets and the end consumer.
Focusing on Quality Food Solutions.
To reduce manufacturers work load by handling and securing corporate inquiries directly with professional follow up.
A conscious quality ice cream supplier with a high reliable cold chain management.
Bringing convenience, consistent, easy to handle & serve to Restaurant/Café Operators.
To improve the average spending of your customer by placing a talking dessert waiter (Dummy Waiter) and Table Top this comes along
with the following,
a) Table Number
b) Handkerchief Tissue
c) Fork & Spoon
Every Restaurant should have an Ice Cream/ Dessert station/counter.